Inky Fingers Bullet Planner Overview

In July 2017, Inky Fingers rolled out a new Bullet Planner product in a pocket notebook size and Traveler’s notebook size. Inspired by the insanely popular Bullet Journaling system, the Inky Fingers bullet planner provides a bit more structure and framework for people who want to bullet journal, but who struggle with the (admittedly minimal) overhead of bullet journaling.

By popular request, this video is a walkthrough of the Inky Fingers Bullet Planner and a quick overview of how I use it personally in my own life.

You can find the Bullet Planner and other Inky Fingers notebooks at

Basics of Bullet Journaling:


  • Dave

    Hey Matt,
    I just wanted to say real quick that the bluring of sensitive information in the video still doesn’t seem to work. It simply stops halfway through the second cut to the page and then reappears when the video cuts back to you (and blurs some of your ink bottles in the background). I don’t have a Youtube account, or I would have commented directly in the thread about that below the video.
    All the best!