Welcome to Season 5! Plus a Mailbag!

Greetings, my wonderful pen friends!

It’s that time again…time to kick off all-new season of The Pen Habit. This season promises a wide variety of pens, inks, paper, instructional videos, and Q&A sessions.  But I figured I’d start off the first episode with a mailbag video, and show you all the stuff that’s arrived over the hiatus that will be making appearances later in the season.

  • Glenn Higley

    Looking forward to the Diplomat Excellence A review as I’m a fan of the brand (love their nibs). Bought a bottle of the beautiful Amethyste de L’Oural at Stylo Marbeuf in Paris 2 weeks ago and look forward to your review. Would like to support you with a logo’d pen case. Congrats on the weight loss program (I’m down 15 with 30 more to go – none was lost in France – gained 5 back!). Looking forward to your new season as always. Best to you Matt.

  • kandm25

    Yeay! Summer here in NorCal must be over! It’s been a hot and dry year. So sad I missed the SF pen show this year…maybe Seattle? Yum I LOVE Seattle. Thanks Matt I’m so looking forward to the new season and all you have for us!

  • Vasco

    The Decograph looks quite interesting — and the clip is truly gorgeous. Well done. Not so fond on the logo at the bottom but I suppose they’re absolutely entitled to it. I think finials in the same material as on the body and section of the pen — good choice there — wouldn’t look bad at all either. Maybe a limited edition is in order 😉