Currently Inked #46 | 5 October 2017

Sorry about the audio issues early on in this episode!

  • 0:20 – What’s the deal with ink flow on standard international converters
  • 3:45 – Best practices for leaving ink in a pen?
  • 6:35 – Aurora Optima’s “extra reservoir” feature and cleaning
  • 8:25 – Currently Inked: Diplomat Excellence A Skyline with Monteverde Malibu Blue
  • 11:40 – How has your pen habit changed you in ways you didn’t foresee or expect and how?
  • 18:00 – What are some pen models you’d buy if they changed one detail?
  • Nick S.

    Greetings Matt,
    Regarding the standard international converters, I think it is unfortunate that this particular type became so wide-spread. I hope one day another type with larger diameter, larger capacity and large opening (like Pilot) will become the new “standard”.
    We need a brave manufacturer to do it.
    After listening to your observation about the converter’s material, I made an experiment to see if silicon grease would improve the issue of the ink sticking to the top. I used 2 Kaweco international converters, because you can dismantle them completely and I chose a difficult ink. One converter was greased, the other was not. The improvement resulting from applying the grease was minor, but the Kaweco converters look like they are made from good quality material. This solution might make a bigger difference if you start with converters made of lower quality material.
    This issue is one reason I am choosing very carefully my inks for regular use.
    One messy solution would be to use empty international long cartridges, refilled with the chosen ink. The extra height of ink column will help a little, until the level goes low. Better change the ink 🙂