Currently Inked #47 | Q&A with Lisa Vanness 1/3

I first met Lisa Vanness at the Washington DC Show in 2015, when Brad Dowdy of The Pen Addict introduced us. She didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t know who she was. Since then, we’ve gotten to know each other quite well as we’ve interacted at pen shows over the last couple of years. Vanness Pens has become a valued sponsor of The Pen Habit, and has made it possible for me to travel to a lot of the shows I’ve attended.

We here at The Pen Habit (which is to say, me) were excited to have Lisa come visit the studio and do a few videos. Our Q&A video ended up running about an hour and twenty minutes long, so I decided I’d chunk it up into a few different pieces and spread out the fun!

  • 1:10 – Mailbag: Benu Briolette, Retro 1951 Rollerball
  • 3:45 – What is your favorite affordable flex nib
  • 8:10 – How long does it take to write a letter?
  • 9:40 – Is there variation in the feel of a nib within a manufacturer’s different models?
  • 13:35 – What is the best factory stub out there right now?
  • 15:45 – Will it hurt my pen to draw over the top of watercolors?