Giveaway from @karaskustoms and @penchalet

Hello, wonderful pen friends!

Our December giveaway is another doozey (in the good way, of course!).

  • A Karas Kustoms Decograph in Black with a Medium Steel Nib, courtesy of Karas Kustoms

  • A Dee Charles Leather Two-pen Sleeve, courtesy of Pen Chalet

  • A stick of flexible sealing wax from Papier Plume
  • A bottle of ink from my personal collection (my choice of color)
  • A full set of Inky Fingers Notebooks in pocket or travelers size.

Enter below using the Gleam widget. And best of luck to all entrants!

Karas Customs Decograph / Dee Charles Pen Sleeve

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  • Daven Savla

    My favorite holiday traditions all center around food, and especially seasonal foods. I love apple cider and mulled wine, and my favorite snack is chestnuts.

  • David Knapp

    My favorite tradition is working Christmas Eve and Day so that my coworkers who celebrate can have the time to be with their families.

  • Wendy T

    My favorite tradition is playing Monopoly on the two “eves”.

  • Jimmy Reekes

    I’ve been wanting to try a Decograph

  • Lee Gribbon

    Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is in the midst of summer, so my favourite tradition is definitely a beach swim after the Chrstimas meal. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • RandyTorres

    I like to write on my days off.

  • Eric Aycock

    My favorite tradition is helping my wife cook and having dinner with our families.

  • Coffee Robot

    I really like how Karas Kustoms roll, the industrial style sublimes in their Model K, but this Decograph keeps it while being a great business pen… I’d love to try it out!

  • David LD

    My favourite tradition is preparing the New Year’s butter cookies. It’s mostly butter, and there is never any left by New Year’s eve.

  • Dan Goldman

    For Christmas morning I bake fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls with lots of raisins and gooey brown sugar glaze!

  • Kelly Wilson

    My favorite tradition is setting up the Nativity scene with my parents. During my little years I was given the honor of placing Baby Jesus in the manger. To this day I still set it up every Christmas. I hold more value in time spent my family than any material possession. Merry Christmas to all!

  • Alejandro Villamarin M

    Hmmm.. Probably helping my brother and mom to get Christmas dinner ready.

  • Juraj Cunder

    The favourite one is breakfast during Easter. 🙂

  • Nathan Weston


    (Do you have Brussels sprouts in the US? You guys are missing out if not. Essential Christmas food.)

    • We do have sprouts here, but they’re not terribly popular. Which is too bad, because I too think they’re delicious if prepared well. (Which they rarely are here, unfortunately.)

      • Nathan Weston

        By prepared well, I’m assuming you mean fried with smoked bacon and roast chestnuts, with the late addition of a butter (or cream!) and black pepper. OK, now I’m hungry.

  • Felix

    my favourite christmas tradition is cycling to my parent’s house on christmas eve while being full of anticipation for the evening and breathing the hopefully cold winter air.

  • My favorite holiday tradition is probably making a pie or two!

  • Adam Crawford

    My favorite holiday tradition is eating too many sweets…..and then paying for it LOL

  • I love the food, I enjoy listening to Christmas Carols, although personally I think we need new Christmas Movies, my visual-Audible memory is too strong to enjoy actually sitting through the movies we all know… Happy Holidays to all

  • Jesse Ortiguerra

    My favorite holiday tradition is drinking as much hot cocoa as I can!

  • adhie subekti

    Finally a holiday season where i can relax and draw all day long… Also thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas !!

  • Dav1dtheGnome

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to Christmas Eve mass

  • David Banks

    My favorite tradition is turning on the Christmas lights. I don’t like hanging them, but seeing them lit for the first time is good.

  • Jeff Sears

    Wow, what a Doozey of a give away. Best of luck to all

  • Logan Scheiwe

    My favorite tradition is the music on Christmas Eve with the family at church.

  • Pam

    My favorite holiday tradition centers around decorating a Christmas tree, setting out the Christmas stockings for
    every family member whether they are present or not and enjoying home made nutbread.

  • Richard Halpern

    My favorite tradition is eating too much.

  • marytudor

    My favorite holiday tradition is having Mary and Joseph and the Wise Men move around the room on their way to the nativity.

  • Lauren

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating sugar cookies 🙂

  • Daniel R

    When I come home for the holidays we always make sure to play a specific playlist, no matter where we are.

  • Sweet a giveaway. Right in time for the holiday season. Leaving abroad makes it hard to be in the season’s spirit, and thus to reproduce it’s traditions. Nevertheless, family and food are at the center of it all…

  • This time of year, I like to look back at what I accomplished and what I’d like to do, and then come up with some goals for the next year. I’ve always preferred having new year’s goals, and not resolutions. 🙂 Now that I’ve started keeping a daily journal, this tradition has gotten a lot easier!

  • Pamela Sue

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with family and friends with a large spread of food and drink, and having holiday movies playing for the kids, and football on another tv for the sports fans.

  • Sven Torstveit

    I always look forward to my mom’s date nut bread. She only makes it once a year and we have it with sparkling cider while opening presents on Christmas. That and music at my in-laws house are my top traditions this time of year. Thanks for the chance on a great giveaway, and happy holidays to all.

  • lessherger

    On Christmas eve my family would always open one small gift. One year my parents let me open a small package, not realizing it was the batteries for the big gift I was getting the next day. It’s hilarious now but man I was a bummed out 11yr old. It is a lot of fun watching my nephew do the same thing. Now the adults sit around with spiked nog. So I guess I know why it was so funny to my parents to let me open just batteries on christmas eve. 🙂

  • Andrew Coon

    Creme de menthe brownies

  • cool, hoping to get the Karas Kustoms Pen on the giveaway. Really good looking pen. Or the Ink, interesting proposition of receiving a ink of other’s people choice :p

  • rmonster

    Sex in a pan. (It’s a dessert. It’s the greatest. You’re welcome.)

  • Chiew King Chan

    Eating candy first in the morning.

  • For me, the best tradition is my sister visiting with her family. They live in Scotland so I do not get to see them nearly as much as I would like.

  • Terry Godfrey

    All the family together on Christmas morning.

  • Justin R.

    I like sleeping over the holidays.

  • Tushar Singla

    Awesome giveaway

  • MP

    My fav tradition is putting up the manger scene my grandmother hand painted.

  • Justin McCarthy

    the perfect Christmas gift

  • Greg Barnette

    My favorite tradition is seeing christmas lights after dinner and presents on Christmas Eve

  • TrixieinDixie

    In addition to the usual traditions of decoration, family, and food, I really enjoy watching the Christmas TV specials and movies, some of which date back to my childhood Christmases.

  • My favorite holiday tradition is reading through Advent devotionals with my husband.

  • Kyle Parsons

    My favorite tradition is baking all the cookies!

  • Vincent Franzese

    Favorite tradition would be waiting until Christmas Eve to decorate the tree.

  • Jeff Morrow

    The Decograph is an elegant and beautiful pen. I would love to own one.

  • Smithman

    Turkey at Thanksgiving. Even a few years back when we took a large group to a fancy restaurant got Thanksgiving, I had to order the turkey. Unfortunately, the lamb (which would ordinarily be my pick) proved to be a much better choice!

  • Ethan Valdez

    My favorite tradition is playing dominos on Christmas Eve!

  • peatcoal

    Thanks for this. Been wanting to try a Karas fountain pen!

  • Aldous

    My favourite tradition is all the housework i get done during the time away from work.

  • luisbrudna

    My favorite tradition is to eat ‘ice cream cake’!

  • Paolo C.

    My favourite holiday tradition is surely the eating time, I like when we cook for these occasions.

  • Mike G

    I would be grand to win – though like all other such contents, I will probably not.

  • Mike G

    I would be grand to win – but since I never ever win these things, congrats to the winner!

  • Laura

    A great combo! Lovely. My favorite holiday tradition is the wine or beer tasting we have with my family every year.

  • Joshua Montanez

    My favorite tradition is coming home after midnight mass and pushing our gifts to our family. As the youngest I was always the one to pass the gifts, now I get to watch my nephew do the task.

  • Nick

    Fave holiday tradition is starting on some good wine early on Christmas Day and being tipsy by lunchtime.

  • Vargouille

    My favorite holiday traditions are always food-related: eggnog and a Christmas ham!

  • Scott DiGello

    My favorite Holiday tradition is ice skating on the lake near my parents’ house.

  • David Peters

    Karas Kustoms pens are wonderful. My favorite holiday tradition is having all the family home.

  • Moritz Teufl

    Can anyone explain to me, why all this stuff is so expensive and I don’t want to spend that much money on it?

  • dt

    Favorite tradition? Writing Christmas cards of course!

  • Richard

    As a vegan I don’t like leather, but I’d love to have the pen and other things from this giveaway!

  • jms

    Relax and spend time with family

  • Gregor McIntyre

    Singing Away in a Manger with the kids on Christmas Eve

  • Cara R.

    My favorite holiday tradition is dinner at my parents house Christmas Eve. The whole family gets together and has grown so much over the years

  • Rust

    Making/baking my collection of family recipe goodies.

  • Guilherme Atencio

    My favorite holiday tradition is remembering funny family stories.

  • Amy B

    My favorite holiday tradition involves just being with my family preparing for the big day and then relaxing and enjoying the day with holiday music.

  • Kathy Walker

    My favorite holiday tradition is making fudge and eating it!

  • thirdmember

    I love Christmas morning. We make the kids wait until mom and dad get up. Then they have to wait until breakfast is done. It drives them a little crazy.

  • Tim Draude

    Favorite part of the holidays? Relaxing, visiting with family, eating too much, and forgetting what day of the week it is!

  • Paul Davidson

    My family would make homemade ice cream at Thanksgiving. It was a hand crank churn and all the guys would take a turn at the handle. I remember when I realized that the tradition probably had more to do with keeping the brothers and sons busy, than any love for ice cream.

  • Diana Ryman

    My favorite holiday tradtion is making my own Christmas cards and writing notes to my loved ones. I’m a fairly new fountain pen convert. Have been using my Lamy Safari for about a year or so, but keep hearing about all the nicer pens that exist, like this Karas Kustoms pen. Thanks for the chance to win it! Love your blog and all the FP info you share!

  • Julio Raúl Mazariegos

    Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite tradition is playing Christmas songs on the piano for my family

  • ronn

    This time of year is all about the traditional holiday meals: turkey, ham & lots of pies, cakes and spiked drinks.

  • Gordon

    My favourite holiday tradition is definitely Christmas Carols night with my family, down at our local church – followed by lunch with extended family… Thanks so much for the giveaway – it looks fantastic!

  • Michael A. De Leon

    My favorite holiday tradition is just getting together with my family. We don’t always get to see eachother all the time, but we all make sure we are together for the holidays.

  • My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating St. Nicholas Day and making lebkuchen cookies.

  • Narundil

    My favorite holyday tradition is to write letters to my family. Some of them live overseas, so there are too many days a year we can’t celebrate holydays as a family.

  • Karen B

    I love watching the carolers from the high school wander from door to door.

  • Gabriela Alvarez Minte

    My favourite part of the December holidays, is to continuously let go of the need to make it a holiday about things, and make it about people and celebrations (with nice food a nice company). And say happy Saturnalia! (instead of happy xmas)

  • Seth Huntley

    I really need a good pen sleeve. I have been considering some sort of pocket protector setup like in decades past, but don’t know what to buy or what to do about it.

  • Unjuan Equis

    My favorite holiday tradition is to have a New Year’s Eve dinner with all of my family. These days it’s harder to get all together any other day, so it’s a welcome opportunity to reunite with all my brothers and sisters and so many nieces and nephews that I’ve lost count.

  • Capitaly1

    Another great giveaway!!

  • Dragonmaster Lou

    Definitely getting together with my closest family for a chill day.

  • Emily

    My favorite holiday tradition was getting to open up one present on Christmas eve

  • Severius84

    My favorite tradition is going out to the country with my kids and picking out the perfect Christmas tree. We get to spend time together in the clean air, and it’s a wonderful time each year.

  • Qamar Zahoor

    Good luck to all

  • Chad Hansen

    My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas Tree.

  • Ross Mendenhall

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching Christmas movies in December with my family.

  • Sergio Nathan

    That’s a nice pen from Karas Kustoms. The Decograph looks very classy.
    Our holiday traditions involve celebrating by going to church and eating a feast afterwards. Happy Holidays everyone.

  • Eric Amundson

    I’d love a Karas Kustoms fountain pen, and this is a beauty!

  • Mark Peacock

    Starting Black Friday with a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout tasting at 10:30am

  • Mike Delong

    Definitely the egg nog.

  • Max Schumacher

    My absolute favourite holiday tradition is driving down to see my family on the central coast of New South Wales, and the Cricket is usually on, so it’s good to have a christmas lunch while watching a game you don’t completely understand. There’s also Reverse Kris Kringle, where everyone gets to pick a gift in order, but you can take other people’s gifts off them if you go after them, which doesn’t work so well in my family as we’re all too polite.

  • Giovanni Gasco

    My favourite tradition is having a Panettone with my family at the end of the Christmas lunch!
    (Everyone knows Panettone?)

  • Nergihan Yeşilyurt

    Usually I am lonely in Christmas. But I hope this year will be change…

  • dr_dare

    My favorite holiday tradition is the family dinner, prepared by everyone in attendance. Happy holidays, everyone!

  • Senthil Sukumar

    My favorite holiday tradition is the eggnog around Christmas!

  • kenneth noh

    My family goes to church for Christmas.

  • Jed Davidson

    My favorite Holiday tradition is hanging out with my family while they bake all the goodies. Putting puzzles together and getting cookies and other baked goods every 45 minutes or so. Good bonding time.

  • François

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the midnight mass with my family.

  • Veronica E

    My favorite holiday tradition is to watch one hour of Disney compilations on TV. Every year. 🙂

  • johnmeadows

    My holiday tradition is music music music! Singing at one concert this Friday, and our choir is the “back-up” band for another concert next week. I can’t imagine Christmas without a sound track in my head 🙂

  • azmo

    Spending time with the family, eating and drinking well.

  • Zachary

    My favorite holiday tradition is driving around different neighborhoods with my family to gaze at the beautiful Christmas lights with a nice hot cup of coffee

  • Twentieth Letter

    I’ve been following Karas Kustoms forever! great company! My family always has the tradition of staying up until midnight on Christmas eve and opening presents as soon as it’s Christmas!

  • Tiffany Markert

    My favorite tradition is finding the pickle ornament on the tree.

  • Chris Marlowe

    My favorite tradition is the Candlelight Service at church on Christmas Eve. Another great giveaway and the pen sleeve is very nice as well! Thanks!

  • Brandon Zhao

    I love sitting around a fireplace and making/eating smores

  • I’d say my favorite holiday tradition is watching Muppet’s Christmas Carol over and over again. A modern classic!

    • Me too. Such a great movie.

      • We’ve been watching it as a family since it was out at the cinema in the nineties. Never gets old!

    • I also love Muppet Family Christmas, which was a television special that was done shortly before Jim Henson’s death, where the Muppet Show muppets, the Sesame Street Muppets, and the Fraggles all come together in the same house for Christmas. It’s brilliant.

  • Rolanda David

    Actually starting our first year of family traditions. We’re making and decorating cookies to give to our neighbors. This is the first year my husband is home for Christmas (Military Family), so we’re going BIG.

  • Brando

    Definitely watching the children open their gifts Christmas morning.

  • Ron Galant

    Give gifts

  • Michael Jones

    Favorite thing to do during the winter holiday is to have a constant fire going while being lazy on the couch with my dogs!

  • Cosima Kafka

    My favorite tradition is baking way too many cookies with my Mum!

  • AJ

    Advent books!

  • Wesley Hall

    I can’t describe how awesome it would be to actually win one of these contests. I can assure you that if I won, these items would truly be appreciated. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Sara Hagen

    my favorite holiday traditions are opening presents on Christmas Eve and watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

  • Jaime Wilkens

    I think my favorite tradition is baking an obscene amount of chocolate chip(ish) cookies for everyone else, shamelessly consuming unrealistic quantities of marzipan and playing videogames.

  • Lazer Bear

    Favorite tradition has to be playing board games at Xmas!

  • David

    I love buying and opening new Christmas pajamas for each member of the family on Christmas Eve!