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“What is the best flex nib out there?” It’s a question I get all. the. time…in various flavors (best flex under $100, best modern flex, best vintage flex, etc…) It’s an impossible question to answer, but one that I suspect … Semi-flex Nibs | To the Point Read More »

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Considered by many to be a relic of days gone by, the idea of sealing your letters with wax and a stamp comes with a whole host of difficulties in our modern era of computer-sorted mail. In this video, I …

Playing with Wax Seals | FP Basics Read More »

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In this episode of To the Point, I wanted to spend a little bit of time on a couple of items I’ve shown off before in Currently Inked episodes, but that don’t really require full reviews of their own. First, …

Diplomat Excellence A & Dee Charles Designs Pen Sleeve | To the Point Read More »

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from the Chicago Pen Show, and I invited Tania (@murberdraws) over to talk about our haul from the show. There’s one quick correction I have to make: Around 3:30, we …

Currently Inked #41 | Chicago Pen Show 2017 Haul Read More »

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A special thank you to NockCo, who provided the cases today free of charge. All opinions expressed herein are my own. When it comes to the whole fountain pen hobby, I’m mostly into the pens themselves. I love myself some …

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I, like many fountain pen nerds, work in the technology industry. I’m not entirely sure why so many fountain pen people work in tech. Perhaps it is a way for us to escape from our modern prisons of grey-fabric cubicle …

Penaphernalia: Franklin-Christoph Command Center Folio Read More »

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