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100ml bottle

What first draws you to an ink? Is it the flow characteristics? The shading? The sheen? The shape and size of the bottle? Or is it perhaps something just a bit more basic–something like the color? What would happen if …

Tekker Ink Emerald (#226d15) Read More »

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Discontinued Vase-Shaped Bottle

A couple of years ago, a line of Sailor-made custom inks for a Japanese fountain pen retailer, Bung Box, became the buzzword on the lips of the ink cognoscenti in the fountain pen community. These inks, being made by Sailor, …

Inkspot Review: Sailor Jentle Bungbox Sumeragi Imperial Purple Read More »

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The Pen Habit would like to welcome our very first guest poster, Chris Curtis. Thanks for your contribution, Chris, and thank you for introducing me to this new ink! Orchideen Violett is an ink produced and sold by German pen …

Guest Ink Review: Seitz-Kreuznach Orchideen Violett Read More »

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The ink for this review was provided free of charge by Franklin-Christoph. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed herein are my own.  Franklin-Christoph’s Terra Firma is one of the newest inks in their line of 12 colors, the …

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I have this love/hate relationship with blue inks. On one hand, blue ink is boring. It’s one of the two “required” colors (blue or black) that someone, somewhere decided were the only ones appropriate for business usage. Everyone uses blue …

Ink Spot: Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Souten (Azure Sky) Read More »

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On Saturday, November 28th, 2015, The Pen Habit (that’s me!), Gourmet Pens (Azizah Asgarali), and SBREBrown (Stephen Brown) will be holding our third live Q&A. The live broadcast will start at 9AM Pacific Standard Time (17:00 GMT) and will run …

Live Q&A #3 with @PenHabit, @GourmetPens @SBREBrown Read More »

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60ml Bottle

I first heard about KWZ inks in the middle of 2015 when watching a Periscope put on by Lisa Vanness of Vanness Pens in Arkansas. KWZ is a Polish-made ink that, to the best of my knowledge, is only available …

Ink Spot: KWZ Iron Gall Turquoise Read More »

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My first experience with Franklin-Christoph ink came about a year ago when I bought a bottle of their Deep Purple writing fluid. I liked the ink quite a bit, but for some reason, I rarely found myself inking up with …

Ink Spot: Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum Read More »

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