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“What is the best flex nib out there?” It’s a question I get all. the. time…in various flavors (best flex under $100, best modern flex, best vintage flex, etc…) It’s an impossible question to answer, but one that I suspect … Semi-flex Nibs | To the Point Read More »

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So, I’ve generally made no secret of the fact that I don’t care for pens that are not of the fountain variety. In fact, I’ve generally said, “If I can’t use a fountain pen, I won’t use a pen at …

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Fountain pens have been around for a long time, and in many ways, have moved through the product development cycle into what we in the software industry call “steady state.”  There’s generally not a ton of innovation, either in terms …

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We fountain pen people can be a particular people. (Which is different than being a peculiar people, but not always.)  We tend to be very particular about the things we like, the way we like them, and how we believe …

Cross Star Wars Townsend “Chewbacca” | Fountain Pen Review Read More »

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As I approach my fifth year of doing fountain pen video reviews on YouTube and written reviews here on the Pen Habit blog, I’ve been reflecting a bit on how my personal preferences for fountain pens have changed over that …

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In this episode of To the Point, I wanted to spend a little bit of time on a couple of items I’ve shown off before in Currently Inked episodes, but that don’t really require full reviews of their own. First, …

Diplomat Excellence A & Dee Charles Designs Pen Sleeve | To the Point Read More »

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Andreas Lambrou is a dangerous man. There he sits, along the wall near the entrance of every pen show: slightly under average height, with a generous, open smile. His Cypriate accent is ear-catching and has a lovely lilt to it …

Lambrou Pens LB6 “Humanity” | Fountain Pen Review Read More »

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Karas Kustoms is an Arizona-based machine shop that burst onto the fountain pen scene a few years ago in 2013, when they launched an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign for what would eventually become the “Ink,” a machined aluminum pen that …

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