Watch Master Penman Michael Sull write “The Pen Habit”

At the Arkansas Pen Show, I got to watch master penman (and all around super-nice guy) Michael Sull write “The...

Post-show chat with Pen Friends!

Lisa Vanness, Brad Dowdy (The Pen Addict), and Ana Reinert (The Well-Appointed Desk) join me for a post-show chat.

Arkansas Pen Show Vlog – Days 3 & 4

Day 3 (Saturday) of the show started with visiting the show, seeing all kinds of new other fun stuff. I...

Arkansas Pen Show Vlog – Day 2

Arkansas Pen Show Vlog – Day 2

By day two, the show was in full swing. It started off with lots of pens and ink, proceeded to...

Arkansas Pen Show 2018 Vlog – Day 1

Arkansas Pen Show 2018 Vlog – Day 1

I just returned home from the Arkasas 2018 Pen Show a couple of days ago, and while I was there,...

Currently Inked #55 | 2 March 2018

Show Notes: 00:30 – What pen comes with a buttery smooth nib out of the box more often than not....

Currently Inked #54 | 18 February 2018

In episode #54 of Currently Inked, we answer questions about pastel inks, hooded nibs, fixing a flat spot on vintage...

Currently Inked #53 | 8 February 2018

  Show Notes: 00:45 – What’s a good starter flex pen? Noodler’s Flex Pens Fountain Pen Revolution Dip nibs

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