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Red Beans & Rice Ink from Papier Plume 1:10 – Pens, Inks, and Paper for Novel Writing Paper: Rhodia Classic Sidebound Notebooks, lined Pens: Whatever I had inked Inks: Whatever ink I had in my pens 3:20 – An ideal …

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This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Pen Chalet, now featuring Dee Charles Designs leather pen goods.  0:20 – Dee Charles leather pen sleeve Leather Pen Goods at Pen Chalet 2:30 – Ideas for music-inspired pens Montblanc Miles Davis …

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Hey Pen Friends!  It’s been a rather long while since I’ve been able to do a good Currently Inked video! Now that the review season is over, I should have a bit of time to focus on answering more of …

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from the Chicago Pen Show, and I invited Tania (@murberdraws) over to talk about our haul from the show. There’s one quick correction I have to make: Around 3:30, we …

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In this episode of Currently Inked, we talk about nibs. 00:55 – Fitting a #6 nib with the feed in a Noodler’s Neponset 4:15 – Why don’t modern companies recreate the feel of a vintage flex nibs 11:45 – General …

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I put off cleaning out my pens for about two months straight. I finally had to break down and clean them out before heading to the Chicago pen show!

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In this episode of Currently Inked, I answer a few questions about specific pens and pen brands, as we skip around between Nakaya, Waterman, Sheaffer, Marlen, and Pilot pens. 00:30 – Thoughts on Nakaya fountain pens Leigh Reyes’ post on soft …

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This episode is brought to you by Vanness Pens at When you order, please thank them for their generous support of The Pen Habit! In this episode, we dive into a bit of troubleshooting on specific pens. 00:45 – …

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