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Color swatch. You can see some of the purple-red sheen here.

  Diamine's Sherwood Green was the first ink I ever ordered, aside from blue or black.  When I got my first few fountain pens, the pen itself was the area of focus.  (I started off using cartridges, even).  However, once …

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The bottle.

      The quest for the perfect blue-black continues. When the Goulet Pen Company announced that Sailor had decided to pull their entire ink line from the retailer, I was one of those folks who swooped in and bought …

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The step up between the section and the barrel is significant. The glossy strip in the middle is nice, though.

The Pilot Metropolitan has been much-discussed over the last several months.  It’s praised for being a very well-behaved pen, particularly for its rather low price point.  It’s an all-metal body with a pretty standard cigar-shaped design (albeit a skinny cigar.) …

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Montblanc Irish Green Swatch

  I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again.  I love greens.  My favorite color. I mainly bought Montblanc’s Irish Green just because I like their “shoe” bottles so much.  But after using it for a while, …

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Color Swatch

Pretty much my favorite part of using fountain pens is the wide variety of ink that you get to use as a result.  I am a serial ink switcher.  I generally only fill up each converter about half-way, and even …

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This stunning little beauty has very quickly become one of the top three or four pens in my collection…after a nib issue was dealt with by Mike Masuyama ( It’s a beauty of a pen, with a stunning acrylic, and …

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TWSBI Vac 700

The TWSBI Vac 700 was the very first commercially available fountain pen I ever purchased.  It’s a great pen, but I did have a bit of a saga with my original nib being exceptionally dry (and my resulting destruction of …

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Here is my ink test and writing sample for Private Reserve Ebony Blue.  For me this lives in the land of “meh.”  It’s a nice color, and well-performing ink, but I have this thing about the name of the ink …

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