Currently Inked Sponsor: Vanness Pens

Once upon a time, there used to be pen stores in every city of a decent size. There, you’d find a knowledgable staff, a selection of pens to try, and even someone who could help you with making a repair of replacing an ink sac. There aren’t a lot of those kinds of pen stores around anymore, but Vanness Pens is still going strong.

In business since 1938, Vanness Pens is a family-owned store staffed by the kind of knowledgeable, service-oriented people you only find from three generations of experience.

In addition to their selection of high-quality pens, Vanness has a truly impressive selection of specialty and unusual inks. They go out of their way to find what’s new, unusual, and exciting in the ink world, and then to bring it to their customers. They were the first retailers in the US to import inks from P.W. Akkerman of The Netherlands. They are the sole US retailer for several other brands of ink as well, including boutique brands like KWZ of Poland, (Sailor) Bungu Box of Japan, Callifolio of France, and more.

Vanness Pens also works closely with pen makers as well, carrying newer brands like Karas Kustoms and Tactile Turn. So, if you’re looking

So, if you’re looking for the kind of knowledgeable service and care you used to get from a local pen store, look no further than Vanness Pens.

And once you’ve filled up your cart with pens and ink from Vanness, make sure to thank them for their wonderful support of The Pen Habit!