Steel Nib and Melted Clock Bridge Clip

One of my most recent pen purchases, the Visconti Salvador Dali in Blue.


Very pretty pen, exceptionally smooth steel nib, and a very comfortable grip.  I really do like this pen a lot.

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This De Atramentis Ink is an absolutely stunning color.  Deep and saturated, but still with a very decent amount of shading.  It flows very smoothly, but man oh man. This ink BLEEDS if you put it in a wet pen.  To wit:


This is on Rhodia paper, mind you.  This paper almost never bleeds.  But here.  Bleed city.  I even had it bleed through Clairefontaine Triomphe stationary and Clairefontaine 90g Notebook paper…and usually nothing bleeds through those two.  I also noticed a surprising amount of feathering on my tests.  So, as much as I love this color (and I really do), I have to be careful not to use it in excessively wet pens.

Here’s a close-up of the shading.

Overall, I love the color of the ink, and it looks spectacular on Ivory paper. But as previously mentioned, this is not an ink for a very wet pen. The dry time is pretty good considering how wet it flows. This, for me, is an ink for writing letters, but couldn’t be used for taking notes or writing quickly in a journal where you might need to turn pages before the ink dries completely.

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My most expensive pen purchase thus far, the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Oversize.


It’s a fascinating pen with unique materials (balsaltic lava rock, Palladium nib, bronze).  It writes very smoothly, but it is far, far too wet for regular use.

UPDATE: I did end up taking this to the “specialist” at World Lux in Seattle (where I purchased the pen) to have the nib adjusted.  He did some work to keep it from being quite so wet.  It’s still nice and juicy, but it’s no longer a firehose, so it’s usable now.

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Well, this pen was a recent addition to my collection in one of those “Quick! Order this pen before you think too much about it!” kind of ways. I saw Brian Goulet announce it on his site, and the next thing I knew, it was on the way to my house. I managed to snag one of the 150 special boxes in black and red instead of Monteverde’s standard Green and White.

Pretty glad I didn’t listen to my inner thrifty voice on this one…

So, I was visiting my favorite store in Seattle (a.k.a. World Lux) and saw this little (a.k.a. gigantic) beauty in the pre-owned pen case.  It’s a ca. 1985 Montblanc Meisterstück 149.  Beautiful pen, smooth writer, gigantic.  I like it a lot.

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As mentioned previously, my first entries into the pen world came from custom-turned wood pens.  I’ve got three of them now, all from the Market Penmaker at Pike Place Market in Seattle. In this video, I walk through the three turned pens that I have, talk about some of the things you should be aware of when looking at turned pens, and go through quick writing samples with each pen.

I purchased my very first fountain pen on a lark in February of 2013.  It’s now May, and I’m a full-blown addict.  A quick introductory video about how I got started with fountain pens, why I like them, and why I got started with

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