Currently Inked v1 (Travelers Notebook)

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This Pen Habit-branded notebook was the prototype for what eventually became the Inky Fingers notebook line. We still have several of this first run of notebooks in stock. This version has a plain cardstock cover, 6 fewer pages of inked logs, and two pages toward the back to track pen purchases (which was removed in the new version). This first-run edition uses the same fountain pen friendly wheat straw paper.  We have reduced the price on this notebook to clear out the remaining inventory.

  • Sized for a Midori Traveller’s Notebook (110mm x 220mm)
  • 38 Pages of Inked Logs
  • 2 Pages of Purchase Logs
  • Made of environmentally and fountain pen-friendly wheat straw paper.

A printable digital download is also available for DIY’ers who want to print and assemble the book out of their own paper.

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Purchase 2 or more of this notebook and get 20% off.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 220 × 110 × 5 mm


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