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Width: Section – 9mm Barrel – 13mm Cap – 13.5mm Length: Uncapped (with nib) – 120mm Capped – 138mm Posted – 174mm Weight (with ink): 28g – Without Cap 40g – Capped/Posted Filling System: Cartridge/Converter When it comes to pens, I have …

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  Material: Acrylic Nib: 18k Gold Medium Italic (Masuyama-ground) Appointments: Chrome / Steel colored Filling System: Cartridge / Converter (International Standard) Length (Capped): 138mm Length (Uncapped): 127mm Length (Posted): 170mm Section Diameter: 10.1mm Barrel Max Diameter: 15.4mm Cap Max Diameter: …

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  Recently, a viewer of my fountain pen videos sent me a Facebook message and suggested that I look at pens sold by the website, FountainPenRevolution.com. FPR, as I will call them out of sheer laziness, is a US-based company …

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I acquired this Stipula Etruria Rainbow Limited Edition pen from Fahrney’s Pens of Washington, DC. Fahrney’s held a giveaway contest in January of 2014 to celebrate National Handwriting Day. My entry was chosen at random from the entries received. You …

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This stunningly beautiful Conway Stewart “24” in their “Green Hatched” pattern, is circa 1950s.  There isn’t a lot of information online about the “24,” but it is quite similar to the “14,” from the same basic era.  This pen came …

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I’ll cut to the chase.  This is a pen about which I feel relatively “meh.”  It has never worked well for me.  It may be because of the way I hold my pens when I write.  It may be because …

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Steel Nib and Melted Clock Bridge Clip

One of my most recent pen purchases, the Visconti Salvador Dali in Blue.   Very pretty pen, exceptionally smooth steel nib, and a very comfortable grip.  I really do like this pen a lot.

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