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Width: Section – 9mm Barrel – 13mm Cap – 13.5mm Length: Uncapped (with nib) – 120mm Capped – 138mm Posted – 174mm Weight (with ink): 28g – Without Cap 40g – Capped/Posted Filling System: Cartridge/Converter When it comes to pens, I have …

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This pen was provided for review purposes by Pen Chalet. The Pen Habit was not otherwise compensated for this review.  The opinions expressed are based solely based upon our own real-world experiences with the pen.  Monteverde is a brand with …

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I have a friend who reviews movies for a living on several online movie sites.  As I have watched his career over the years, I have often said to myself that I did not envy him.  He occasionally finds himself …

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The Jinhao 1200 is, in my eyes, one of the ugliest pens I have ever seen.  It is certainly eye-catching, but probably not in the way that you might wish.  As I mention in the video above, the first time …

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The lumpy cap and funky clip in a rubberized plastic

In my previous video, I praised Faber-Castell for putting some nice design effort into their pens, and building pens that don’t look like anything else on the market.  Well, they have continued their streak of building unique pens, but in …

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The Faber-Castell Ambition is, in many ways, indicative of what sets F-C’s pens apart from many other pens on the market: design.  Their pens just don’t look like any other pens out there.  The Ambition is very modern and sleek-looking. …

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The step up between the section and the barrel is significant. The glossy strip in the middle is nice, though.

The Pilot Metropolitan has been much-discussed over the last several months.  It’s praised for being a very well-behaved pen, particularly for its rather low price point.  It’s an all-metal body with a pretty standard cigar-shaped design (albeit a skinny cigar.) …

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