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As I mentioned in the review of the DeNobil 300, one of my favorite things about reviewing fountain is the opportunity I get to learn about new fountain pen brands as the come on the market. So, thanks to the …

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Disclaimer: The pen for this review (and the subsequent giveaway) was provided by Staedtler in exchange for an honest review. No additional compensation was provided. Material: Resin Nib: Steel Appointments: Chrome Filling System: International Standard Cartridge/Converter Length (Capped): 137.2mm Length (Uncapped): 123.9mm …

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The pen for this review was provided by Pen Habit viewer, Drew, who lent this pen to me during the summer of 2014. I’m just now posting the video (ergo the old background) but the pen was returned to him …

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  So, in preparing this review, I have come up with a new rule of thumb: I am not allowed to call something vintage if the item in question was made within the same decade in which I was born …

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  Levenger is a brand with which I have very little experience. The US-based company, found at http://www.levenger.com, sells fine writing instruments, paper, desk accessories, leather goods, etc. In addition to selling some of the more well-known pen brands, they …

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The Faber-Castell Ambition is, in many ways, indicative of what sets F-C’s pens apart from many other pens on the market: design.  Their pens just don’t look like any other pens out there.  The Ambition is very modern and sleek-looking. …

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Steel Nib and Melted Clock Bridge Clip

One of my most recent pen purchases, the Visconti Salvador Dali in Blue.   Very pretty pen, exceptionally smooth steel nib, and a very comfortable grip.  I really do like this pen a lot.

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