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We fountain pen people can be a particular people. (Which is different than being a peculiar people, but not always.)¬† We tend to be very particular about the things we like, the way we like them, and how we believe …

Cross Star Wars Townsend “Chewbacca” | Fountain Pen Review Read More »

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When I first started getting into the fountain pen hobby, I often found myself frustrated that I couldn’t find fountain pens locally. It was fun scouring the pen retailer websites online, but sometimes, I just wanted the immediate gratification of …

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DISCLAIMER: The pen for this review was provided by¬†Goldspot Pens in exchange for an honest review. No additional compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own. I have had, perhaps unfairly, an unfavorable opinion of Cross fountain pens from …

Pen Review: Cross Century II Blue & Sterling from @goldspotpens Read More »

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