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The Grand Ballroom during a slow period.

Monday Monday morning arrived far too early for my tastes. (I work in the tech industry…we don’t do early mornings.) Dad had to take a cab to the train station, then an early train from DC to Philly where the …

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Italics Calligraphy is fun. (Done with a Pilot Parallels 2.8mm with Lamy Copper Orange ink on a Clairefontaine French Ruled notebook.)

Saturday Saturday is the busiest day of the show, by a pretty wide margin. To get into the show on Thursday or Friday, you’re supposed to buy a “trader” pass, which will get you into the show for all four days, …

2015 DC Pen Show Report – Saturday and Sunday Read More »

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(I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I took very few pictures from the show. I was too busy enjoying it.) Pen shows are something I’ve never really understood before. How in the world can you stand …

2015 DC Pen Show Report – Thursday and Friday Read More »

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