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00:30 – How do I get ink trapped behind the seal of a Pilot Con-70 converter cleaned out? 4:20 – How can I avoid getting oils from my hand on the paper as I write? 6:45 – What would your …

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The step up between the section and the barrel is significant. The glossy strip in the middle is nice, though.

The Pilot Metropolitan has been much-discussed over the last several months.  It’s praised for being a very well-behaved pen, particularly for its rather low price point.  It’s an all-metal body with a pretty standard cigar-shaped design (albeit a skinny cigar.) …

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(High-Resolution) This De Atramentis Ink is an absolutely stunning color.  Deep and saturated, but still with a very decent amount of shading.  It flows very smoothly, but man oh man. This ink BLEEDS if you put it in a wet …

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