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Sorry about the audio issues early on in this episode! 0:20 – What’s the deal with ink flow on standard international converters 3:45 – Best practices for leaving ink in a pen? 6:35 – Aurora Optima’s “extra reservoir” feature and …

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Julia van der Wyk is an artist, classical musician, and lover of the outdoors. During business hours she is a front-end web developer. She resides in Santa Cruz, California, where she can draw Pelicans with Pelikans. Her (mostly) daily drawing …

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I was recently asked to do a quick(ish) tour of my ink collection by a viewer, so I thought I’d whip out the iPhone and walk you through what 230 bottles of ink looks like. It’s no Taipei Ink Collector …

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Hieronymus is a Swiss retailer that got its start in letterpress printing. Over the years, they have expanded their offerings to include a series of writing instruments, paper, notebooks, desk accessories, leather goods, and most recently, fountain pen inks. Their …

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100ml bottle

What first draws you to an ink? Is it the flow characteristics? The shading? The sheen? The shape and size of the bottle? Or is it perhaps something just a bit more basic–something like the color? What would happen if …

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Material:¬†Aluminum & Copper Nib: Steel Medium Nib Appointments:¬†Aluminum Filling System: Standard International Cartridge/Converter Length (Capped): 137.2mm Length (Uncapped): 126.2mm Length (Posted): 177.3mm Section Diameter: 10.2mm Barrel Max Diameter: 14.6mm Cap Max Diameter: 14.6mm Weight, Uncapped (with ink and/or converter): 30g …

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Discontinued Vase-Shaped Bottle

A couple of years ago, a line of Sailor-made custom inks for a Japanese fountain pen retailer, Bung Box, became the buzzword on the lips of the ink cognoscenti in the fountain pen community. These inks, being made by Sailor, …

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I get asked all the time about doing a quick tour video of the Pen Habit studio and especially the ink shelf behind me. I have done this before, but enough have changed in my setup this season that I …

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