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In this episode, we talk about a couple of green inks, whether or not mixing ink is normal, and how I organize my collection of ink swabs. This episode is brought to you in part by Pen Chalet at http://penchalet.com. …

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00:30 – How do I get ink trapped behind the seal of a Pilot Con-70 converter cleaned out? 4:20 – How can I avoid getting oils from my hand on the paper as I write? 6:45 – What would your …

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Material: Acrylic Nib: Steel Kugel Fine Appointments: Gold-colored Filling System: Piston Length (Capped): 126.8mm Length (Uncapped): 114mm Length (Posted): 142.8mm Section Diameter: 9.7mm Barrel Max Diameter: 11mm Cap Max Diameter: 13mm Weight, Uncapped (with ink and/or converter): 11g Weight, Capped (with ink …

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If I had to pick a favorite color family of fountain pen inks, greens would be first, followed closely by purples. I love my purple inks. Despite purple’s rank in my ink hierarchy, however, I find myself largely disappointed with …

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  Montblanc Leonardo da Vinci Red Chalk is yet another ink the line of pretty spectacular limited edition inks that prove our old pals in Germany are insufferable teases. Were it not for the fact that they are setting us …

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Color Swatch

  Montblanc has a reputation (whether deserved or not) of being the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to writing instruments.  Their pens are among some of the most expensive “regular” pens available on the market today.  Since I do …

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Montblanc Irish Green Swatch

  I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again.  I love greens.  My favorite color. I mainly bought Montblanc’s Irish Green just because I like their “shoe” bottles so much.  But after using it for a while, …

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So, I was visiting my favorite store in Seattle (a.k.a. World Lux) and saw this little (a.k.a. gigantic) beauty in the pre-owned pen case.  It’s a ca. 1985 Montblanc Meisterstück 149.  Beautiful pen, smooth writer, gigantic.  I like it a …

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