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It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from the Chicago Pen Show, and I invited Tania (@murberdraws) over to talk about our haul from the show. There’s one quick correction I have to make: Around 3:30, we …

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Prior to coming to Chicago, I spent a week in Manhattan, attending Broadway shows and otherwise having a real vacation with no family visits, no work, and no pen stuff–well, except a trip to Fountain Pen Hospital, but that was …

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Attending a Pen Show may sound like it’s all fun and games (and it is those things,  else wise why would we go?), but it is also exhausting. This is especially so if you’re going to work the show as …

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Friday dawned windy, overcast, and cold. Or so I heard. I couldn’t tell because I didn’t leave the hotel for the first time until almost 1PM. I picked up a nice latte at the coffee bar in the hotel atrium and …

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As much as I love going to pen shows (and I do), I don’t get to go to as many as I would like. For starters, there’s the money part of it. Not only are flights, boarding for the dog, …

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This episode of Currently Inked is sponsored by Pen Chalet. A long-time supporter of The Pen Habit, Pen Chalet is a world-class retailer of pens, ink, paper, and accessories. They carry a wide selection of brands, and back all of …

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It's MAAAAAGIC! (Actually, it's just magnets. But still, weird, right?)

And, at last, it arrived: the day at the LA International Pen Show for the public. The day arrived, as such days often do in La-La-Land, with sunlight peeking in through the curtains. I knew I was going to want …

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Stylo-Art Raden (Abalone Shell) and Quail Eggshell under Urushi Lacquer.

Pen shows are a great place to find pens that you can’t find anywhere else. The sheer breadth and depth of selection can be overwhelming, particularly if you go into the show without knowing what you are looking for, as I …

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