Discontinued Vase-Shaped Bottle

A couple of years ago, a line of Sailor-made custom inks for a Japanese fountain pen retailer, Bung Box, became the buzzword on the lips of the ink cognoscenti in the fountain pen community. These inks, being made by Sailor, …

Inkspot Review: Sailor Jentle Bungbox Sumeragi Imperial Purple Read more »

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The Pen Habit would like to welcome our very first guest poster, Chris Curtis. Thanks for your contribution, Chris, and thank you for introducing me to this new ink! Orchideen Violett is an ink produced and sold by German pen …

Guest Ink Review: Seitz-Kreuznach Orchideen Violett Read more »

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I have this love/hate relationship with blue inks. On one hand, blue ink is boring. It’s one of the two “required” colors (blue or black) that someone, somewhere decided were the only ones appropriate for business usage. Everyone uses blue …

Ink Spot: Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Souten (Azure Sky) Read more »

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